Established in 1984, the Hong Kong Food Council is an independent and non-profit-making organization. The Council is formed by prominent non-profit-making trade and industrial associations and leading traders and manufacturers from various food sectors in Hong Kong, including cereals, sugar, edible oils, sauces and preserved fruits, confectionery and bakery products, fruits and vegetables, flour, canned food, tea, wines and catering service. Since its inception, the Council has been maintaining close contacts with government authorities and public bodies concerned and has been organizing and participating in a wide spectrum of activities such as luncheon talks, seminars, outgoing missions, training programmes and food expos, with the aim of promoting exchanges among the trade and industry and uplifting the standard of the practitioners.

The Council’s primary objectives are:

  1. to foster the food trade and industry locally and internationally and to strengthen ties among persons engaged in the food trade and industry;
  2. to promote food hygiene and to protect public health;
  3. to ensure stable food prices and supply;
  4. to negotiate with the government authorities, public bodies and industry concerned on matters relating to food, including the formulation and implementation of laws and regulations; and
  5. to organize food training programmes to upgrade the quality of food practitioners.

The followings are current institution members of the Council:

The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong
The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce
Nam Pak Hong Association
Hong Kong General Association of Edible Oil Importers & Exporters Ltd
Hong Kong Edible Oils Association Ltd
Hong Kong Oil Merchants Association Ltd
The Rice Merchants’ Association of Hong Kong Ltd
Hong Kong Rice Importers & Exporters Association
Hong Kong Rice Suppliers’ Association Ltd
Hong Kong & Kowloon Sauce & Preserved Fruits Amalgamated Employers Association
Hong Kong Food Hygiene Administrators Association
Hong Kong Federation of Restaurants & Related Trades
The Hong Kong & Kowloon Fruit & Vegetable Employees & Employers Guild
Hong Kong & Kowloon Frozen Meat Dealers‘ Association Ltd
Hong Kong & Kowloon Tea Trade Merchants Association Ltd
The Hong Kong Cereals & Oils Traders’ Association Ltd
The Confectioners & Bakers Association of Hong Kong & Kowloon Ltd
The Hong Kong & Kowloon Provisions, Wine & Spirit Dealers’ Association Ltd
Hong Kong Food Safety Association
Greater China Corporation Association
Hong Kong Japanese Foods Importer Association
Pork Traders General Association of Hong Kong Ltd
Hong Kong Dried Seafood And Grocery Merchants Association Ltd
Hong Kong Chilled Fattener Retailers Association
Hong Kong Egg Merchants Association (Fung-Kwai-Tong)
Hong Kong Chamber of Seafood Merchants Ltd
The Merchants Association of First Wholesalers/Jobbery of Imported Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Ltd
All China Bakery Association

(In no particular order)