Message from Chairman

Capitalizing on its advantageous geographical location, unique historical background and diverse cultural heritage, Hong Kong has become a world city where “East Meets West” and a food paradise which offers a kaleidoscope of local and international cuisines. The repeated occurrence of food safety incidents in recent years have aroused a worldwide food safety concern.  Nevertheless, Hong Kong food products, with its superior quality and stringent control, are welcomed and trusted not only by local consumers but also individual visitors coming from Mainland China annually.  Apart from dining out at local restaurants, every time our Mainland tourists visit Hong Kong they will bring back with them a wide array of Hong Kong food products including snacks, condiments, cakes and cookies, etc. Nowadays, the Hong Kong food industry no longer serves a local market of mere 7 million people, but a gigantic market of over 1.3 billion people comprising Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas consumers. It is noteworthy that there are more than 850 food manufacturing or processing enterprises in Hong Kong.  About 26,000 workers are employed by these enterprises.  Besides, there are nearly 16,000 caterers in town, hiring over 230,000 workers.  If these enterprises are added together with other enterprises that are involved directly or indirectly in the food industry such as import trade, wholesale and retail, transportation, cleaning and testing, they are employing a total of 440,000 workers or 16% of the total working population.  This is second to the import and export trade industry which employs most of the workforce.  The Hong Kong food industry is characterized by its extensive coverage spanning from farm, processing, sales, fork to after meal and its labour intensiveness.  The industry indeed deserves more attention and support from the government as well as the public. The Hong Kong Food Council (HKFC) was founded by some veteran food practitioners in 1984.  I wish to pay tribute to them for laying a sound foundation for this Council.  We, at HKFC, will continue to strive for the advancement of the Hong Kong food industry, while advocating food hygiene and safety; promoting exchanges between Hong Kong and overseas food trade counterparts; and uplifting the standards of food practitioners. This website aims to provide a useful platform for sharing of information on this Council on the one hand and exchange of latest industry news on the other.  Thanks for visiting this website and your valuable comments are welcomed!

Thomas Ng, MH, FPVC(Hon)